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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 21, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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george mcgovern. also today... the san jose earthquakes are about to brk ground on a new stadium, and . we're looking back at the career of george mcgovern. >> also today, the san jose earthquakes are about to break ground in the new knew stadium and hope to break the guinness world book record. we're beginning with mostly cloudy skies around the north. the clouds spreading south and guess what happens tomorrow. yeah, we'll have the details in a minute. first, let's so what happened. >> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we're coming into the final stretch of the presidential of the state and of local elections. so we have everything from debate coverage coming up and
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we have your look at proposition 30. >> yes, governor jerry brown was in town yesterday. >> and you visited him. >> and we might be sitting and talking with republicans. >> yeah. >> a rare thing to happen in the bay area. >> we have a lot coming up. if you're making your way around the bay today, the reminder the san mateo bridge was closed and a 5.3 earthquake that a lot of people are talking about this morning and sports going on today. >> ritwade -- with the raiders and giants. >> yes. >> first, the biggest story in the nation or coming out this morning is george mcgovern. he was known probably best for losing the presidential race to richard nixon in 1972. in that election, he won two states and had a long career. he died this morning in his home state of south dakota. he was 90 years old. >> he was a lawmaker who served the country more than two decades. susan macinnis has more on his passion for people and the world. >> reporter: senator george mcgovern from south dakota was
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the democrat's choice for president in 1972. >> i accept your nomination with a full and grateful heart. >> reporter: he promised to end the war in vietnam and bring about social and economic reform. mcgovern had a strong grassroots following, but his nomination split the democratic party ideologically. on election day, incumbent richard nixon beat him in a landslide. >> i have never known a national election when i would be able to go to bed earlier than tonight. >> reporter: mcgovern wants only the district of columbia and -- won only the district of columbia and massachusetts. >> we're not going to shed any tears tonight about the great joy this campaign has brought to us. >> reporter: but nixon's victory over mcgovern would be short-lived as the watergate scandal consumed his presidency and led to his resignation two years later. george mcgovern grew up in south dakota and first served his country as a pilot during
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world war ii. he flew 35 bombing missions over europe and earning the distinguished cross and married his sweetheart eleanor and they had five children. >> this is nation time for the people of america. >> reporter: after working as a history professor, mcgovern ran for office. he served in congress for more than 20 years and inspired a new generation. congressman and political candidate gary hart was mcgovern's campaign manager and a young [ bell ringing ] worked on his nen -- and a young bill clinton worked on his 1982 bid. in 1980, he lost his bid for senate re-election and continued to work fighting world hunger. >> there is one problem that i can am convinced with we can lick absolutely, and that is world hunger. >> reporter: he joined forces with bob dole to create the international food for education program, providing meals to children in more than 40 countries. in 2000, president clinton awarded mcgovern the presidential medal of freedom. he continued his work as a
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prolific author and in 2008, he joined then senator barack obama's presidential campaign. >> and let's seize that opportunity and vote for barack obama for a more hopeful world. >> i'm looking forward to my first job. >> reporter: he celebrated his 88th birthday by going sky diving the first time. >> i feel great. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he didn't do it just for the thrill. mcgovern said he made the jump to raise awareness of world hunger. susan macinnis, cbs news, washington. >> with the election more than two weeks away, the presidential candidates are getting ready for their final showdown tomorrow as the third and final debate. president obama and mitt romney busy studying right now while their running mates are campaigning in the must-win states and in florida yesterday, and paul ryan in pennsylvania and ohio. polls show president obama in the lead in most of the swing states but romney is gaping ground. for now, both candidates are in
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seclusion preparing for tomorrow night's final debate in boca raton, florida. can you watch that live here on cbs 5 at 6:00 and on cbs in the local front, the state's political front said the nation's campaign is illegal and has to be returned. the $100,000 donation was to the campaign of rose herrera and came from a political action committee which is controlled by san jose mayor chuck reid. the city's police officer's association complained that the donation to the -- about the donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we reissued the letter support to rossett few weeks ago calling for her to repudiate and disa vow the money from the mayor's committee to the committee supporting re-election. even today they're out together coordinating campaigns, walking door-to-door. they continue to flaw the law and it needs to stop.
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>> mayor reid said he did nothing wrong because the law only prevents transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he is not a candidate. herrera is seeking her second term in district 8 and she's facing a challenge. all's clear after a hazmat incident picked several people out of their homes last night in san francisco. crews evacuated a whole block around 7:30 on powell street between green and vallejo in north beach. the police responded to a call and apparent suicide. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got there. 15 people inside the build handwriting to be evacuated and firefighters were in that building for over three hours trying to disburse the mystery chemical to make it safe for people to return and they were able to do so in the mild of the night. police are -- in the middle of the night. police are investigating a murder last night. the officers responded to a welfare check on mission and fifth street after 11:00 and found a man in his 30s in the car. he was shot and died at the scene. so far, police have not
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announce good arrests in that case. the san mateo bridge, watch out. it's closed for seismic retrofitting and repairing this weekend. we have a live shot of the bridge where the work began friday night and that is going around the clock. in recent years, it's become standard operating procedures to close the area bridges on weekends when you need to do necessary repairs and upgrades. the area is cracked from major support in a girder two years ago. if it all goes l the bridge is expected to open tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. for the morning commute. remember, it's also scheduled to be closed next weekend as well. they brought it back to at&t park, and again, the giants season is on the line tonight. after beating st. louis friday night, the team comes home today for game 6 in the nlcs. the starting pitcher is going
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look to repeat his performance in game two as he gets the ball. and if they lose, the season is over. if they win, they will play a winner take all game on sunday and 4-0 this post season when facing elimination and they will take place at a quarter to 5 tonight. another play-off-bound local team to set a guinness world record today. the san jose earthquakes breaking ground on the new soccer stadium to be built off of coleman avenue near the minetta international airport. the team said it's confident it will break the world record for largest number of people taking part in a groundbreaking ceremony. and the record was set in india and ordered 6,000 commemorative shovels, 1500 more than the current records. so many people have registered to participate in this, they may have to bring their own shovel. the ceremony's going to be followed by the quake's last home game of the regular
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season, the los angeles galaxy at santa clara's buckshot stadium. >> that will be an interesting afternoon. all right. >> a big win in the contest known as the big game. >> that's right, still to come. who has possession of the coveted axe the next year. also ahead, senator dianne feinstein and her take on the controversy over the deadly attack of the u.s. consulate in libya. >> a nice sunday already. some clouds through the bay area. a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. the winds will pick up. there is so much to cover in weather. we'll do it. after a break.
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. good morning again. mostly cloudy skies over the bay area. the numbers are in the 50s and they're not going to warm a heck of a lot more than that. not the whole forecast -- i have the whole forecast in a minute.
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campaign continues to be dod the controversy, surrounding last month's deadly attack n libya. . election day is approaching and continues to be done by the controversy surrounding last month's deadly attack in libya. >> and it took part in the presidential debate and will be front and center in this week's president debate los angeles and that is one of the reasons
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why earlier this week, we sat down request with u.s. senator dianne feinstein. i asked her if anyone knows what happened at the consulate. >> i can this will you -- tell you. this i think we know what happens now. and there is no question it was a terrorist attack. there is no question about the security that it was nad "and i think there is no question we need to work on our intelligence. there were five prior attacks, including one on the british ambassador in libya and that is something that. >> to get a better grasp of and so that that doesn't happen again. >> and was there a cia or intelligence flaw? >> i think what happened was the director of national intelligence, which we called the dni, who is a very good individual, the former head of
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the defense agency, put out speaking points on the initial intelligence assessment. i think that was possibly a mistake. and i agree you have to take a good look as to whether our intelligence, particularly in the nine middle eastern countries, very troubled from within is what it should be. and having said that -- . >> in this. >> critical, but it's also very difficult. how do you get at it -- access in terrorist groups? there is no reason for us to operate an embassy or a council without adequate protection. if the whole country can't do it, then we need to do it. >> dianne feinstein's running for re-election, but the vase far from high profile this time around. according to the most recent cbs 5 poll by survey usa, she
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leads the republican challenger by a 54-35% margin. >> and we're hoping to speak with the other speaker to -- candidate. >> we'll have more with dianne feinstein as show talks about her career and what she hopes to do if she's re-elected. meanwhile, democrats and republicans are battling it out in the swing states all over the country. one place the conservatives have it rough is in san francisco. one of the most liberal cities in the country. >> and in case didn't know, there is a small and spirited group of republicans in san francisco. a chance to ask the vice chair what it's like being a republican among so many democrats, liberals, and independents. >> it's interesting trying to talk to people. a lot of people here will listen but sometimes we do street fairs and we have fairs and people are rude to us. >> so you have to develop a very thick skin. >> yes, you do. you do. and in all fairness, some of
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the liberals are descent people. >> and looking at the ballot right now, election coming up in a little over two weeks. what are the major issues at question? >> here in the city, we're looking at proposition f, which is probably the worst and silliest proposition to come down the pike in years. this has really bad repercussions if this passes, if they take on our water supply. >> any hopes for a resurgence of the republican party in san francisco? could this ever happen? >> i pray for that every night. we could, we making inroads little-by-little. we do pretty well. we're, to be honestly, we're fairly moderate group of republicans as republicans know. we do well. we get along well and people, when they listen to us, they go, yeah, that is a good idea. the trick is getting them to listen. >> any other differences to
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point out between the san francisco republican party and the rest of the republican party? i can only imagine you are more modest. >> we have, we have a very active log cabin republican congress, the gay republicans here in the city. a lot of friends, you know, a lot of straight people like me have gay friends here in the city, and so that makes a difference, i think. >> reporter: how do you think you're portrayed by other members of the republican party, say in the bible belt? >> i don't know. i have never been there. i have never thought about that. they would probably say i am crazy. >> you have to have nerve to be -- . >> that's right, you have to give him credit for his candor. >> it's interesting. in san francisco, it's a minority. if you go into contra costa county or southern alameda, santa clara, marin, sonoma -- there are republicans out there and interestingly enough, the way the new lines are drawn, congressional districts races and with the new primary system, they actually could be a very powerful force in the election of congress.
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we'll have more on that later as well. >> very good. meantime, our weather forecast. we have the first big rain of the season on tap right now. and, really, it could affect people in tomorrow morning's commute. >> and this is going to come in over night and dead-on. as you're heading out for work tomorrow morning between 7 and 9, that is where we look for the rain to set in. it's not going to be a gully washer, but, nevertheless, you have the first rain of the season mixed with the accumulated oil and earth on the freeways. reminds us to have more caution and more patience. right now in the bay area, we're seeing the first signs of the cold front well north of the bay area, the high clouds. numbers are for the 50s for the most part. look at santa rosa in sonoma county, 40 degrees. yikes. 47 in san jose. the winter storm warnings are posted tonight through tuesday from the sierra, lake tahoe, and north. the snow accumulations could add 8 to 16 inches, the snow level down to 4500 feet and there is more coming in on wednesday, by the way, and the
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weather headlines, game time temperature for the giants, mostly cloudy skies, temperature of 62 degrees. increasing the clouds today, the rain and wind spreading south early monday and through about midday. that is where it's all coming from. the low pressure off of the pacific northwest is sending the first shield of high clouds. this is not the cold front and get foold into that, this is the way of high clouds in front of a cold front that is up here when that comes through tomorrow. that is the low and mid-level support that will produce the rain. and it will beginning tomorrow morning. we first set the stage and then we open the curtains on well about .1 of an inch to a half an inch of rain by the time sail said and done. out of the door this morning, mostly cloudy skies, more sun on the south bay. when the shield of high clouds pass, we could get more sun toward sunset and that could be a good sunset in time for the gang. the future cast, see what the sat fire is going to do. the high clouds pass through. late in the day, now we begin to seat rain. watch this. bam! around 7:00 in the morning.
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lawrence karno tomorrow morning. we'll have the the latest and elizabeth will have your commute tomorrow. tune in for that. and out of the bay area, rain and wind for the area. southerly winds, 35 miles per hour. the high of 65 degrees. wind will be another factor. we can get about, to about 35 miles an hour. we have thunderstorms heading out. new york city sunshine and los angeles partly cloudy skies. let's pinpoint it then in the south bay today. mostly cloudy skies. 66 in san jose; 66 at milpitas. in the east bay, the numbers in the low 70s. 72 in brentwood. 67 in the wine country at napa and vallejo has 67 degrees. up in sonoma county, santa rosa comes in at 66 and stinson beach and 65, here in the city, 65 degrees; 69 for oakland and the extended outlook, monday we get rain. we get a break on tuesday. wednesday, we get more rain. not as robust as what we had on monday. the high pressure gets back in toward the latter part of the weekend.
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we look to dry out for thursday, friday, and saturday. >> the best of the day today, huh? >> absolutely. >> and be prepared. >> we have that -- . >> get out and have some fun. [ laughter ] >> fun for some people. >> and make sure you have your umbrella and rainboots. >> yeah. >> thank you. more presidential -- one more presidential debate to go before the homestretch to election day. >> do the debates make any difference at this point? a couple -- thoughts from a couple of political expert when is we return. sleep train's best rest event is ending soon. don't miss your chance to get sleep train's very best mattresses
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on greater importance, thann years past. with the third and ebate . it looks like the debates for the presidential race are taking a greater importance than in years past. >> that's right, for the third and final debate tomorrow, i sat down to ask them at this point whether or not the debates really matter and whether or not they still un -- there are still undecided voters out there. the answer? >> i think there are undecided voters. i don't think the debates will have anything to do with what they will make for their choice. >> what is the point of the last debate? >> the point is to drive your own voters to the polls. create enthusiasm so that it becomes, with all kinds of religious fervor, to go vote for me. >> this is interesting. they have been the theatre and they're going to be what is rememberd about this campaign. >> more than we thought after he totally fell down on the first one.
8:54 am
he came back in the second, one- 1 and this is the final argument before the guys go to the polls. obama better bring it. because mitt romney now is, for the first time, at 50% in the gallop poll. >> what was it about the debates that are different than the past presidential debates? >> i think the increased use of mean. in television and television ads created the opportunity for each drive to sell everybody on the idea that there was a super bowl about to happen in the world of politics. people believed it. that -- . >> that would show the first one, obama stumbled and lost votes on that. >> no question. his base really had a moment of doubt about him, i think, and he came back. but it's the most expensive, most negative campaign in history. the reason these debates have resonated so much is the voters got to see them out for a lengthy periodup filtered talking to each -- period
8:55 am
unfiltered talking to each other. >> a lot of supporters were showing up at the first debate to watch the final coffin, final nail in the coffin for their guy. he was finished, so to speak. and low and behold, there was resurrection. >> this is interesting. as carla points out, this is the most expensive presidential campaign we have had. when you cross the state line into nevada, it's been non-stop commercials in that state for months. >> yeah. >> and at the end, everyone's where they were at the beginning, and it came down to the 90 minutes of free time on the tv where you actually got to look at these two. >> that's right. and now, i mean, going into the final, and this is what is interesting. we're back at ground zero. we're back at dead heat. all of that drama that we have had over the past whatever months, it's now, everything's been reset andd in the final weeks, they debate again. >> and no presidential campaign has ever used as much money as is being used in this
8:56 am
presidential campaign. barack obama who is underfinanced by comparison, over $1 billion s being spent by him. you can imagine what the other side -- . >> what is ironic is where all of the $2 billion plus that in the end, or maybe it's heartfelt, in the end, it's going to come down to how america views the two guys as they actually debate. who would have thought? >> and also, it said something about america's feeling about the media. we keep hearing that they feel like the media is filtering the candidates and this is a chance to see them totally unfiltered without any kind of ed it, and i think it -- edit, and it says something about how america wants to hear directly from the two guys. >> and don't forget. we really do love bare-knuckle fighting. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> put it well. >> and speaking of bare-knuckle fighting, in our next half
8:57 am
hour, we're going to discuss the knockdown and dragouts of the what is going on here in the bay area. >> and speaking of battle zones, the big game held yesterday in the newly remodeled memorial staid. >> um. and it was the 115th meeting between the cal bears and stanford cardinals. a big game. it was stanford, however, big from the start. from early on. the cardinals would outgain the bears 475-217 yards out rushing them, 253-3 yards and never lost its gripe -- grip on the coveted axe. stanford keeps the axe and wins 21-3. and while san jose state bounced back with a 52-24 victory on the road over texas- san antonio and touchdown, san jose, ssu, 5-2. and the oakland raiders, all right. they going to be hoping jacksonville jack -- hosting the jacksonville jack wars this
8:58 am
afternoon. kickoff at 1:25 and you can catch the game here on cbs 5 followed by the 5th quarter. as we mentioned earlier, the team in the area, the giants host the cardinals in game 6 of the national league championship series. st. louis leads that series, but only for now, three games to two. >> and you are -- it's do or dive. a meteor shower debris, there have been -- has been a sighting. >> we'll let you know where it was found. >> plus, what scientists say they can learn from it. >> one of the hardest-fought ballot measures in the election. how they can do battle and it's coming down to the wire. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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figured into american histo. prop 30 - it promises to fud schools and prevent devistag cuts.. the debate is heat . a well-known figure passed, how he figures into american history. >> the top 30. and polls are closed and the debate is heating up. >> and we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies in the bay area. some sun, some clouds and some rain and all of the details and let's get the latest on the world. he's phil and ann. >> i want to welcome everyone back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:01, and i am phil. >> i'm ann. thank you for starting your sunday here with us and we have a lot to talk about here. governor brown was in town
9:02 am
stomping for prop 30. >> there is a lot of tax issue generating a lot of money. >> you may or may not have seen a million commercials on it. >> plus -- a million and two -- and we're talking about the congressional races. first n other political news and historic news. george mcgovern, when he ran for president in the democratic ticket against richard nixon in 1972, he only won two states. he was a passionate politician and died this morning at the age of 90. >> he served his country for more than two decades. susan macinnis has more on his passion for and the world. >> reporter: senator george mcgovern from south dakota was the democrat's choice for president in 1972. >> i accept your nomination with a full and grateful heart. >> reporter: he promised to end the war in vietnam and bring economic reform. his nominations split the
9:03 am
democratic party ideologically. on election day, incumbent richard nixon beat him in a landslide. >> i never have known a national election when i would be able to go to bed earlier than tonight. [ laughter ] >> he won only the district of columbia and massachusetts. >> we're not going to shed any tear tonight about the great joy that had campaign brought us to. >> reporter: nixon's victory over mcgovern would be short- lived as the watergate scandal consumed his presidency and led to the resignation of nixon two years later. mcgovern grew up in south dakota and first served his country as a pilot in world war ii. he flew 35 bombing missions over europe, earning the distinguished flying cross. during the war, he married his college sweetheart eleanor. they had five children. >> this is nation time for the people of america. >> reporter: after working as a history professor, mcgovern ran for office. he served in congress for more
9:04 am
than 20 years and inspired a new generation. congressman gary heart was campaign manager and bill clinton worked on his 1972 bid. in 1980, he lost his bid for re- election but he continued to work fighting for world hunger. >> there is one problem i am convinced we can lick, absolutely, and that is world hunger. >> reporter: he joins forces to create the international food education program, providing meals to children in more than 40 countries. in 2000, president clinton awarded mcgovern the presidential medal of freedom. he continued his work as a prolific author and, in 2008, he joined then-senator barack obama's presidential campaign. >> let's seize the opportunity and vote for barack obama for a more hopeful world. >> reporter: mcgovern
9:05 am
celebrated his 88th birthday going sky diving for the first time. >> i feel great. >> reporter: he didn't do it for the thrill. he said he made the jump to raise awareness of world hunger. susan macinnis, cbs news, washington. with the election two weeks away, the from thual candidates are getting ready for the -- the presidential candidates are getting ready for the last showdown. they're getting ready while their vice president candidates are hitting the attempt biden was in florida and ryan was in pennsylvania and ohio. polls show president obama in the lead in the swing states, but they also show that romney is gaining ground. both candidates are in seclusion preparing for tonight's debate. can you watch the debate on cbs 5 at 6:00 and on cbs if you are near a computer. governor jerry brown was in san francisco yesterday campaigning for a tax initiative. prop 30 is one of two competing
9:06 am
tax measures on the ballot. and there is some confusion among voters and tension between supporters and opponents. >> reporter: can you tell how heated the debate is getting as we were interrupted a couple of moments on prop 30. >> you know, and he wants to take your conspiracy theory and run with it, go with it. >> as the news, we're -- [ indiscernible ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> yeah. >> reporter: this confrontation was outside of an event featuring governor jerry brown. >> sensation. you know why i'm here. and i want to make it real clear. >> reporter: prop 30 would bring california an estimated $6 billion a year by temporarily raising the income tax on the sale's -- state's highest earnings and sales tax. >> it's about kids teachers,
9:07 am
the credit rating in california, social harmony, it's about hope, it's about those who are the most blessed to have an opportunity to give something back. >> reporter: brown saying that if 30 doesn't pass, it would trigger $6 billion in automatic cuts. most of it to schools. >> our students already suffer from four years of cuts that have already devastated public education. >> reporter: butitol pitchian -- politicians are crying wolf. >> it's a big scam. they can fix it and start by auditing every department. >> they're avoiding doing what is necessary and a total overhaul of the budgeting process. >> reporter: polls on prop 30 are very close right now and one issue complicating the matter for a lot of voters is prop 38 income tax measure on the ballot. and there are two challenges. with time running out --
9:08 am
>> butting in here. >> they're turning up the heat. >> things got hot there. >> yes. certainly. >> and meanwhile, the state's political watchdog commission said the donation to the sewn jose campaign is illegal and must be returned. the $100,000 donations went to the campaign of rose herrera and came from a political action committee, or pacs, as called, controlled by mayor chuck reid. the association complained about that donation to the california's fair political practices commission. >> we reissued the letter we sent to rose over a weeing on calling for her to repudiate and disavow this illegal transfer of money from the mayor's committee to a committee supporting her re- election. even today, they're out together coordinating campaigning and walking door-to- door. they continue to flop the law and it needs to stop.
9:09 am
>> reporter: he did nothing wrong because the law forbids transfers of funds from one candidate to another and he's not a candidate. herrera's in her second term from district 8 and is facing challenger jimmy nguyen. >> a moderate earthquake hit overnight near king city, 5.4. it was 40 miles southeast of salinas. nearly 5,000 people from monterey to san luis obispo county reported feeling it and people as far north as san jose. no reports of damage or injuries. and this in, nasa researchers are looking into what is the first confirmed meetiorite recovered from wednesday night's meteor sighting. >> and let's look at this piece of space. that rock hit a roof of a resident. it responds to a magnet. >> very cool. >> a woman found the rock and
9:10 am
contacted nasa researchers and they share this video earlier this week and that is going through. pretty fascinating. >> yeah, for sure. >> and there is going to be all kinds of tests done if it's one. the san mateo bridge remains closed for seismic retrofitting and repairs. a live picture of the bridge, something we don't see often. work began friday night and that is going on around the clock and becoming standard operating procedure. they try to strategically time the things and closed it this weekend. there is no 49ers game and expecting fewer people to make their way to san francisco. a giants game and the bridge is closed until 5:00 tomorrow morning and we're hoping it will be open in time for the morning commute and that is the plan, doing some seismic retrofitting there. >> and that is a good point and
9:11 am
they thinking of a voiding it by taking the san mateo into san francisco. meanwhile, all eyes on the presidential race. >> just ahead, why changes in california's elections are responsible for some intriguing -- and. is the world ready for another apple product. the historic bay area like where the company is going to launch something new this week. and starting around with a beautiful sunday. the high clouds atop and for the first time in a long time, we'll be looking at a winter- like system out of the gulf of alaska and this is messing up the monday commute. we'll show you details from mount vaca to the lowering sky.
9:12 am
9:13 am
. we have winter storm warnings posted north of tahoe and they could pick up as much as eight inches of snow by tuesday night. we'll have all of the details in the forecast in a minute. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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. welcome back. it's quarter after 9, and we have some rain on the way. can certainly impact the morning commute tomorrow and that is the time when you get the first big rain of the season and it washes up all of the junk. >> and that clones us up. monday, get extra time for your morning commute. and, of course, it's coming in at midnight but it's not.
9:15 am
it's coming in at 7:00 tomorrow morning and lawrence will be here in the cbs morning news and with the latest on what will be developed. for us now, a thin veil of high clouds. and the texture of frozen milk with the big layer of high clouds in the north bay and that will press south during the day. variable clouds, peeks of sun and temperatures in the 60s for the bay area. at the same time, the we'll be right back warnings posted in the sierra, north of tahoe. accumulations from 8 to 16 inches and the snow level is down to 4500 fight. the winds in the sierra to 4 miles per hour and for the bay area, looking to pick up about a 10th to a half an inch of rain. i like that pan of the city. the game time, mostly cloudy, temperatures are about 62 degrees. increasing clouds today for the bay area, rain and wind. you can see in the adjusted video of the bay bridge. we have high clouds passing over the bay now. later in the day, we'll get some sunny breaks. low pressure that is over the
9:16 am
area, triggering showers up there. hazy for us today and rain on monday. a total of a half an inch of rain. another shot of rain on wednesday. the winds tomorrow up to 30 miles per hour in the bay area. out of the door for us this morning, starting with variable sunshine and temperatures in the 50s for the most part and cooler than that, though, and in sonoma county around santa rosa. the future cast, see what the computers are saying. the atmosphere will well do and some clouds and sun and tomorrow, watch the radar come through. bang, sunrise. and we have some heavy cells moving through san francisco and up and down through the south bay. a one-two shot on monday and then on wednesday and for the forecast, tomorrow, rain in general, rain and wind, not pouring, but a good moderate rainfall. the temperatures will manage low 60s in the bay area tomorrow and that doesn't feel like a change in season, i don't know what does. if you're heading to the airport, monday, rain and wind
9:17 am
tomorrow, southerly winds 35 miles per hour and slowing down air travel. a high of 65 at the airport. if you're heading to new york, that looks fine and so does denver. the thunderstorms in chicago los angeles, 58. the bay area, looking for temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s today, a veil of high clouds and some peaks of sunshine today. 71, still mild in the east bay at antioch and the north bay, the temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s and cooler at the coast line, of course. watch the extend of -- extent of increasing clouds in the bay area, drying it out for tuesday. wednesday, it looks like another dose of showers savoring, especially the north bay and thursday, friday, and saturday, the high pressure builds in and that means that things are warming up before the end of the week. expect wet tomorrow morning and on wednesday. and the latest. >> make the most of today? >> yup. absolutely. >> we have been warned. >> and the giants feel, lie the -- by the way. the upcoming elects should be a fascinating one for a lot of congressional races in
9:18 am
california because of redistricting and the new top two runoff system that in some districts has members of the same party going head-to-head. >> and that is why we sat down with carla mariucci of "the san francisco chronicle" who is covingerring the races and former state assembly speaker willie brown. the question is democrat versus democrat contest, like between pete stark and newcomer swallow in the east bay getting a lot of attention. >> and this created one of the most bizarre house races anywhere in the country. pete stark versus eric swallow, an alameda county prosecutor and dublin city councilman. stark who has been in office since 1973, he's got 23 terms under his belt. under any circumstances, he should be coasting to a re- election. he's not. he's in a real fight because of some of his own pronouncements and, frankly, erratic behavior. >> a product of redrawn district lines. they were meant to bring more
9:19 am
republicans in the democratic districts and the democrats in the republican district. this is playing up and down the state, isn't it? >> it s. >> and what we have in this particular race, it wouldn't be this way if they have some -- had partisan primaries. pete stark won in the primary. we have a more interesting race in southern california. howard burman versus brad sherman. >> two democrats. >> two democrats. >> two democrats, heavyweights. >> yes. >> and basically a jewish district. and one is a chair, the other is a -- [ indiscernible ] on everything having to do with the world of sinans and one of them has the reputation of being -- he knows the district and the other knows the world. >> and they have come to blows, almost, literally. >> and that is sucking up a lot of democratic money. >> yeah. >> democrats fighting democrats and keeping the money in the
9:20 am
state. >> yes. >> and other democrats and republican dan lundgren finding them in the fight of their lives as well. >> that's right, the county supervisor spot and the argument against both lundgren and garamend and stark is they have been in here too long, it's time for a change. and this now system opened that up. >> what do you think of the new system? >> i hate the new system. [ laughter ] >> and you would. >> why do we need? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and it's to get more variety, more balanced voting. >> yeah, yeah. >> democratic process said winner take all. >> oh, willie. >> interesting. these races are fascinating to watch because in some ways, it's a changing of the guard or versus new. also, the minority parties in
9:21 am
those districts with the republicans, democrats could be deciders and where they used to rule, the republicans could be the decides. these guys are splitting up the democratic or republican vote. >> and that is rays a -- a race. >> exactly. >> nobody just sits back and said it's a done deal. every time they have to answer and in some ways, that is what it's about. >> all right. >> and meanwhile. robberies in san francisco. we have been seeing an increased number of them, not only in this city and all around the bay area. we'll tell you about the one thing that thicks -- thugs are after more than anything else. >> i'll give you a hint, they often have the victims districted -- distracted.
9:22 am
9:23 am
to resume talks over nuclear weapon and american . welcome back. "the new york times" is reporting the u.s. and iran agreed to resume talks over nuclear weapons. but iran and american officials call the report inaccurate.
9:24 am
the "times" article said the white house is willing to talk one-on-one with iran to find a diplomatic settlement. iran's foreign minister said, quote, we don't have discussions or negotiations with america. the u.s. national security folks also said the reports of talks between the two nations is, quote, not true, unquote. cell phone thefts are on the rise across the country and in san francisco. the sfpd said nearly half of all of the robbery cases are cell phone related. stolen or lost cell phones cost americans more than $30 billion this year. in addition, to reselling the hardware, thieves are getting access to bank accounts and credit cards. wireless carriers are expected to launch a program last year that will permanently disable a phone once it's stolen. apple is using something old as a stage to introduce something new. cupertino company will return to downtown san jose, california, theatre for the next product announcement as expected to be an ipad mini.
9:25 am
apple did use that historic theatre in 2004 and '05, u2 helped apple launch a special edition ipad. and a lot of big acts performed there since opening in no one 27. it was given a big face lift, a $75 million facelift in '04. >> coming up, a last look at the sunday weather and the wet morning ahead tomorrow. >> and the fund raising event gone to sea. why they more than prepared for halloween. to get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest s on the best brand-name mattress sets. but hurry! the best rest event ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.
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brian - . time for a final look of weather. >> yeah, starting out with fair skies in the bay area. the low sun and clouds, the extended forecast, increasing clouds and means rain early monday through midday tomorrow. the total is a 10thto the a half an inch. more rain on wednesday before we clear it up the latter half of the week. expect wet tomorrow morning. >> don't forget the umbrellas. dust them off. the mile -- there was a
9:28 am
milestone for the group of boy scouts in maine. >> they carved 1,000 pumpkins in less than an hour, a part of a benefit for camp sunshine, a retreat to help children with life-threatening illnesses. the goal was to raise $6,000. no word if they reached their goal. all of the hard work will be displayed at a mall the next few days. all of the cutouts and faces. >> do you do that? >> win? >> carve pumpkin? >> do you go -- you don't want to? >> is that a no? >> can you say no. >> are you sure? >> once in awhile die. >> okay. >> all right. >> i'm not afraid to admit it or deny it. >> that is it for eyewitness news. full disclosure. thanks for joining us. >> go giants tonight at 4:45. >> and the raiders as well here on cbs 5.
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